1822 – First impressions


1822 was an 18xx game which we wanted to play since Heavy Cardboard gave them Golden Elephant Award. But it was hard to get, because there was no cardboard version on stock, so we had to wait more then half a year. Another problem was with shipping, becasue shipping from USA to Poland was as expensive as a new 18xx game 🙁 That’s so sad, and that was a reason why I can’t afford to buy something from AAG. But thanks to Michał from Olkusz we have 1822, and thanks to Marcin we have 18Ireland and 18Mex.
1822 is one of the biggest 18xx games we have opportunity to play, bigger (talking about dimensions) was only 18Africa, and of course 18OE which I got during Christmas time, and which we will play in May.
And what is so funny that the same day we play in Poland 1822, Heavy Cardboard made their ‘learn to play‘ video, and then full play-through. 1822 across the World 🙂

Who was playing?

3 players: our “dream 18xx team” 😉 Me, Marcin (Magole) and Michał from Olkusz

How do we started?

It took us more than hour to recognize all the rules. Marcin and Michał from Olkusz already played 1822 once, so they were familiar to some of the rules, and they have some thoughts about this game. For me it was new, so I didn’t know what are the best options. For the whole game I tried to made few mini-engines between major and minor companies in the little area. That’s why I started with minor 24 and major MR. I also bought LNWR at the beginning, but I didn’t have a chance to run it. That’s because Michał from Olkusz controlled minor 14, and he decided to put it’s station in the same place as LNWR. And in the first OR his 14 put tile number 3. Since there were no chance to made good connection I didn’t run LNWR at all.
Marcin and Michał from Olkusz focused mainly on companies in London – Michał from Olkusz controlled 14 and 15, and Marcin SECR and 23. So, my idea was that 24 will help MR with laying tracks but at the begginig I made my first mistake – I upgraded 24’s home hex, and I made only 20 income at the beginng instead of 30 😐 I’ve made that mistake, because I thought that green tiles and better trains will enter game fast, but they didn’t. And while Marcin and Michał from Olkusz made good income using their around-the-London companies I can’t do nothing special 😐
In the next SR’s I’ve bought minor 7 and L&YR for the same reason – I wanted them to cooperate. And at the end of the game, because I’ve already owned minor 1, I bought CR. To be honest – this tactic isn’t bad, but imho you still should have one of the companies near London. Next things is that my tactic maybe could be good, but Marcin read us shot rules before game so fast, and he forgot to read rule, that using aquisitions you can controll more than 60% of company shares 😐 With that wisdom I wouldn’t invest so much money in next companies. I think that better would be to buy 60% of company shares and by aquisition increase it to 80% or even to 100%. So, I ended third because I couldn’t do more when I made such a huge mistakes. Marcin and Michał from Olkusz were in better position because it was their second play in 1822 and they started to understand this many “little” connections between majors, minors and private companies.

Some crucial moments:

– our mistake thet we didn’t knew we can possess more than 60% of company (using aquisitions)
– my few big mistakes, when my minor companies didn’t make as high income at the beginng as they could
– London which was “occupied” by Marcin and Michał from Olkusz
– fact, that Michał from Olkusz blocked my LNWR at the beginng and I had no chance to run that company


1822 is one of them most complex 18xx games I’ve ever played. There are so many rules that you should consider like a different types of capitalisation, huge amount of private companies with many uncommon rules. The more we will play the more we will find, but for sure, even if you are experienced 18xx player it will be hard for you to compete with people who already played 1822. And because of this amount of rules my first play took us too much time – we played for 6 hours and 20 minutes. But to be clear, I want to play it more and more, because every play would be different and there are massive things to discover. That’s why I gave 1822 so high rating on BGG.


– Mix of many mechanics known from other games
– Huge amount of minor companies, which can cooperate witch major companies
– Aquisitions which could gave you more than 60% in major company
– Many private companies with different advantages
– Huge map with many “areas”
– Interesting London area
– Many types of trains (with nice train L)
– Bidding round which allows you to participate in (almost) every auction
– Incremental capitalisation at the beggining
– Concessions which allows you to “reserve” major company
– Few variants which you can find on BGG
– You can pay half dividend (rule which I forgot for the whole game…)
– If major company will pay good dividend it can jump two times on the stock market


– Too many different rules
– It will be hard for you, if you don’t own company in London
– Upgrading London is (imho) too cheap
– Too many areas on the map are empty, and I can’t even imagine, when and what for you will use them
– A little bit too long

Time of play:

ca. 6 hours 20 minutes


  Michał from Olkusz Marcin (Magole) Me (Michał / Elemele)
Cash 4143 2734 1959
LBSCR 1800 1200
GWR 1320 440 440
L&YR 400 400 1200
SECR 540 1080 180
LNWR 1080 540 180
SWR 900 600
CR 270 270 810
MR 360 720
  +440 (Minor [15])    
SUM 9993 7924 6089

My BGG rating: 9.0

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  1. I agree with many of your comments but despite its faults I keep wanting to play it. The game is both absorbing and challenging and of course because of the start mechanism every one is different.

  2. How did the 14 block the LNWR? You can’t lay a tile next to London that prevents access from London.

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