18USA is available now!

As All-Aboard Games announced month ago, 18USA is now available for ordering.
There is only one option: 18USA as an 1817 expansion for 65$. So if you want to play 18USA you should have 1817 already, or buy it for 228$. It means that full playable set for 18USA (including 1817) will cost 293$… I have to start spare money every month to be able to get this one lol. Or maybe Marcin will buy it? He mentioned something that he will get bonus in his work 🙂

There is one more option in All-Aboard Games – for 150$ you can buy alternative 18USA-themed companies. You can also buy ‘Token upgrade kit’ for 18USA for 2$, and 20$ for 18USA Companies Pack.

18USA 18USA Company Upgrade Pack
– requires a copy of 1817 – requires a copy of 18USA & 1817
– price 65$ – price 150$
Includes: Includes:
  • Mounted quadfold map board
  • Mounted bifold stock market
  • Laminated Bank of New York sheet
  • 83 laminated/cut tiles
  • 42 laminated/cut double-sided certificates (new private companies and additional trains)
  • 27 laminated/cut square token tiles
  • 11 wood tokens with token labels
  • Rule booklet that contains rule differences from 1817
  • 20 Charters
  • 580 Company Certificates
  • 200 tokens with labels

To play 18USA you also need this components from 1817:

  • Tiles
  • Company certificates/charters/tokens
  • 5/10 share markers
  • Loan markers
  • Coal/bridge/round/interest tokens
  • Player order cards
  • Priority deal card

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