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Last year was so crazy. I played 18xx game for the very first time, and I fall in love 😉 If you will ask me to play game this days I will always propose an 18xx games, even if there would be only me and you. I tried 1889 and 1846 in two players game, and I can tell you – it’s still full of fun.

But, Marcin will write about games soon, so I will focus on some numbers about our blog. We started blogging in May 2017. So, it is half a year (and one month) of bloging, and we really love it.We love it because we want to share 18xx through the Poland & World, and we see results.

Some statistics from 2017:


2802 125
views visitors


Mostly viewed page: “O grach 18xx” – 245 views

Mostly viewed post: “18CZ – pierwsze wrażenia” – 225 views

Our readers are from many countries:

Views Country
7039 Poland
 970 USA
 259 France
 199 Germany
 197 Canada
 189 Australia
 163 UK
 138 New Zealand
 125 Spain

Social media:

Twitter followers:

Facebook likes:



We also organised first 18xx convention in Poland – “SilesiaRailCon” where we taught 3 new people how to play 18xx games. We are proud of that, and we want to continue this initiative.

What in 2018?

That statistics gave us much energy to continue what we did, and to do more. We have so many ideas on which we are working now, so stay tuned! For sure in this year we will provide you many “first impressions” articles, because we have so many unplayed titles. We want to organize 2nd SilesiaRailCon and more, more, more!


I want to thanks all of you, because you are the reason why I’m still doing this and why I want to improve day by day. I have to mention few people which gave me energy, and who inspired me to start. In random order:

@HeavyCardboard – for all they did to the 18xx community (ex. playthrough for 1846 and award for 1822)

@katiesgamecrner – for her passion in blogging about games, and for her review of 1846. When we started our blog there were only few places where you can find information about 18xx games, and her review was one of them

@clearclaw – for his many analytics articles and his knowledge which he spread over BGG and under our tweets

Guys from podcasts and 18xx community: @dualgauge, @TheDeepEndPod, @CardboardTruth, @GamingTrent, @denisonscience, @Goodboardugly, @Punch_Cardboard, @afryergames, @DualGaugePod, @knauman13, @hattanooga

And companies which still want to publish new 18xx titles: @aag18xx, @gmtgames

And many, many others who are also important to us 🙂

We are thankfull that we were warmly welcome in 18xx communitty. If you like what we do, please spread information about this blog to your friends and community. Tell everyone on BGG or in mailing lists. Thanks!

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