How does it look? 1893: Cologne

Are 18xx games ugly? Look at this gallery and judge yourself.

Game: 1893: Cologne
Edition : Marflow Games with self matte laminate
Year: 2014
BGG link:

The Box:

All game components:

The map:

The stock market:

All track tiles:

Certificates and private companies:

Trains (mounted on board):


Companies charters:

And our revenue table (we use it in every 18xx game):

Do you like it? I bought this game in a version not cut and not laminated. It was not a cheaper version. But in this way I could make a matte version that looks better on the pictures. I used a self-adhesive foil for laminating, I attached the train cards to the cardboard with double-sided adhesive tape, and I generated the track tiles using the ps18xx program and printed them on the self-adhesive foil together with other PnP games 🙂

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