SRC: Prepare to SilesiaRailCon!

Dear 18xx players and fans of RailsOnBoards (formerly 18XXPL) blog!

Before this blog appeared, there was a multitude of ideas in my mind how to promote 18xx games in Poland. The blog was the first element that was easiest to launch, especially since I knew that Marcin (Magole) would not refuse to help 🙂 Yes, yes. When I met him he was 18xx maniac so that was certain. Thanks to this cooperation you have the ability to read news from the 18xx world, read the pnp lessons and you can sometimes read a nice thriller (remember that case with Marcin’s finger?).

But for me it was still not enough 🙂 Fortunately, having in mind that during the last Pionek (polish board game event) a lot of people passing by our table (with 1844 on it) was interested in 18xx games I knew that next stage will be an 18xx convention. The idea of ​​SilesiaRailCon – the first convention in Poland devoted to the 18xx game – was born that way. It would be so hard for us to do this by ourselves, we asked Ignacy Trzewiczek for permission to join the Pionek. Today we received permission, and we are gratefully to Ignacy, Portal Games and the Pionek. Thanks to that, this year, you will be able to take part in the first historical SilesiaRailCon! We invite you to Pionek and SilesiaRailCon!
At the same time, we invite you to, where we will systematically post more news about this event.


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