[ENG] 1846 for 2-players – Short summary

Who was playing?

Me and Marcin (Magole). That was our second 2-players game in 1846

How do we started?

Private Companies:
Me: Michigan Southern, Mail Contract, Chicago and Western Indiana and Tunnel Blasting (10$ less)
Magole: Big 4, Meat Packing, Lake Shore Line & Michigan Central

Sadly New York Central Railroad and Baltimore & Ohio were out of the game.
Since I nah Michigan Southern I started with Grand Trunk, and Magole because of Big 4 started with Illinois Central. Later I took Pennsylvania Railroad and Chesapeake & Ohio, and Magole ran Erie.

Some crucial moments:

That was game of many tactical mistakes in my opinion. It was so unusal IMHO that we are forced to remove some of our private companies from our private assets. We had no time to sell them to companies. That ruined my precious tactic 🙂

  • I lost Michigan Central and Tunnel Blasting – it was before I started Chesapeake and Ohio and that was awful since I wanted to sell that two privates into that company because of two reasons. First, I wanted to give C&O free token in Detroit (replace Michigan Southern token). Second, I wanted Tunnel Blasting to help my company to build cheaper tracks.
  • Marcin lost his Big 4 and he also couldn’t replace its token
  • Marcin too many times tried to block my companies, instead of getting E-W route (and that’s why he didn’t made enough cash each round)
  • Marcin bought 2 trains from last round, and that why I couldn’t made enough income in my 3 companies (only one of them had 7/8 train)


It wasn’t easy game for me. There were 5 companies in the game, and running 3 of them still didn’t gave me easy win. If you have only 2 companies, but in each of them 7/8 trains and maybe other permament train, you can still win that game. The crucial thing is to make as soon as you can E-W route. And using train 3/5 you can do this since 2nd round. Also most important thing is to pay out dividends as soon as you can, trying to make your company raise on stock market.

Time of play:

ca. 3,5 hours


Michał (Elemele) Marcin (Magole)
Cash 4033 3441
Cash in shares: 4830 5040
SUM 8863 8481


Company Last Stock Price Income per OR (at the end of game) Shares in Magole’s hands Shares in Elemele’s hands
Illinois Central 375 $ 620 $ 70% 30%
Grand Trunk 195 $ 390 $ 20% 70%
Pennsylvania Railroad 195 $ 440 $ 20% 70%
Chesapeake and Ohio 195 $ 420 $ 30% 50%
Erie 150 $ 320 $ 70% 0%

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