[ENG] 1846 for 3-players – Short summary

Who was playing?

  • 3 players: Me and my 2 friends, Michał and Paweł
  • They never played 18xx before (and only from time to time play other board games)
  • There was sooo hot (about 30 Celcius degrees)
  • Michał was tired because of work, Paweł was tired because of his holidays 😉

How do we started?

  • Erie and Pennsylvania were removed
  • I had Michigan Southern and Mail Contract (I always love to have Mail Contract)
  • Michał had Meat Packing and C&WI
  • Paweł had Big 4 and O&I
  • I started with Grand Trunk, Michał with Illinois Central and Paweł with Chesapeake
  • Later I started New York Central and Michał started Baltimore & Ohio

Some crucial moments:

  • Paweł had no idea how to ran good routes with his Chesapeake, but he gathered shares of my Grand Trunk and NYC (and that’s why he finished close to Michał)
  • Michał had good routes with his IC and B&O, but he invested too much in Paweł’s Chesapeake
  • Both Michigan Southern and GT helped NYC with tracks, and that’s why this company could done well from the very beginning


  • If you don’t have Tunnel Blasting it’s hard to run Chesapeake or B&O at the beginning
  • If you are experienced 18xx player and do well you job you will always win with new players
  • 1846 is best to introduce new players to 18xx games (also because of it’s availability)
  • I want to try 1846 with 5 players (with all privates and companies)
  • Sometimes is better to didn’t do another move in stock round, only to be first in next SR
  • If you only can, pay only half dividen (as long as you can advance marker two times) – it this way you will gather money for trains and still get dividend

Time of play:

  • ca. 5 hours


Michał AKA Elemele (Me) Michał Paweł
Cash 2166 1846 1665
Dividends from last 2 OR’s 2452 1712 1808
Cash in shares 5082 3292 3242
SUM 9700 6850 6715

PS. Yes, I know that Wheeling can’t be upgraded 😉 Maybe someone upgraded it when I was in the kitchen? 😉

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