[ENG] Nice vacation? Only with trains ;)

As I mentioned before, being on vacation I had oportunity to play 1889 twice (2 players game). But it’s not the only “train thing” I done during my vacation. As a railroad fan I had to visit two places in Greater Poland Voivodeship (Poland) – Wenecja (Polish Venice) and Wolsztyn.

Wenecja is a very small village, but is famous mainly because there is Narrow Gauge Railway Museum. As they wrote on their website, this is one of the biggest 600 mm narrow gauge museum in the Europe. There are so many steam locomotives and carriages. And what is great – you can go inside to almost every of them! You can really feel like a railwayman 🙂
But that’s not the only surprise. You can reach Wenecja not only by car. You can go there by real narrow gauge train! When I read about that I knew that we have to go that way. So, we traveled by car to Biskupin (where is one of the most important for Polish culture open-air museum) and then we changed it for a little train 🙂 That was so nice to go to Weneceja by narrow gauge and kids (my daughter and friends daughters) were very excited. Or maybe parents were even more? 😉

I don’t want to write right there about that museum too much, because you have to go there 😉 And if you can’t I provide you some photos 🙂

Few days later we managed to go to Wolsztyn – probably the last in Europe railway depot where steam locomotives are used for regular passenger services. It sounds superb, but there are so many problems because of that. The main problem is that people who are living along the railways are protesting because steam locomotives are loud and dirty… 🙁 That’s so sad

There are many steam locomotives in that place, and when we were there one of them was running. We could got inside and listen some interesting infos about steam locomotives. But, that place is so sad, because they don’t have enough money to take care of every locomotives, and many of them rusted 🙁

This is the second post written from the start in English language, not a translation. And since English language is not my native, please take my apologies for every grammar and spelling mistakes I probably did. If you found that bugs, please send me an email about that. Thanks and have fun reading my article.

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