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Wooden discs (see full gallery)

Diameter: 15mm (0.59 inches) height: 5mm (0.196 inches)

Ideally suited for the preparation of markers for the stock market, for determining the par price, or the current income of individual companies. They have an ideal height and are easy to move, rotate and stack on top of each other. They can be used as station markers, but if 4 or more stations are to be placed on one this same tile, they are too large and cover part of the tracks. In this case, we suggest using a smaller size (12mm) which ideally fits on the station’s intended location.

Diameter: 12mm (0.472 inches) height: 5mm (0.196 inches)

We suggest using them only as station markers, they fit perfectly with all standard size titles (except 18OE, 18C2C, 1831, 1828). They perfectly fit on the track tiles and do not cover the track.

Diameter: 10mm (0.394 inches) height: 5mm (0.196 inches)

We only ordered this size due to few 18xx games with small tiles, like 18OE, 18C2C, 1831 or 1828. We have no idea what the interest in these tokens may be, so temporarily we have a limited number of them.

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Prices :
size 15 mm :
(when 25 tokens or more from selected color and size)
size 12 mm :
(when 25 tokens or more from selected color and size)
size 10 mm :
(when 25 tokens or more from selected color and size)
15 mm 12 mm 10 mm
Light blue
Bright green
Light brown


Universal table with revenue per share (see full gallery)

Our hand-made table for determining income during any 18xx game: a large figure shows the value of income per share, next to it is indicated the amount of dividend for individual amounts of shares, from 10% to 90%. The dividend for income equal to 50% is marked in red. In our opinion, this is an inseparable element that should be added to every game 18xx. With it, you can save a lot of time on counting.

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* The price applies to economic registered or express registered shipment which is possible for most European countries, United States, Canada, Australia and few other. It does not contain insurance. We can add it at your request. Costs of exceptionally small shipments may be lower, then you will get a discount on the next order.

** Do you want to write about 18xx? If so, you can get an additional discount. Write a text that we will be able to publish on the blog. Do not forget about the pictures. Each text is a 10% discount, but no more than $5.