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This time I decided to write a few words about ourselves and about what will happen in the future on the blog. I think it can be a constant topic which we will update from time to time.

As you probably noticed, our blog has been a bit quieter lately. Some of us have less time, Micha艂 has been very busy with his work for some time, but Galatolol, who studies in France, joined us, so we could say that this is our first foreign editor. It’s such a small success.

But we need more editors, more people who will be able to share their knowledge, so we’ve added the opportunity to receive a discount in our store, in exchange for an article to be published. Remember that you can write about a lot of aspects, it can be a report from a convent with 18xx, it can be a description of your favorite title and why this is the title, it can be a shorter description of your top 18xx list or a story about how it happens that you are an 18xx gamer. There are many possibilities…

I think the biggest obstacle to writing is probably the time. Writing one text, it is translation and proofreading, etc. takes me about 3-4 hours. When I started writing anything about board games, these were short reports from our meetings. To encourage others to contact us and play the titles we like. I could write to them the other day, such a short text took me about an hour. I did not know that I would run an international blog one day. Three years ago, I did not even know what 18xx are, and now I am writing about them.
I am so fortunate that I travel to work by train every day. 80 minutes a daily. It gives 400 minutes a week. I devote all this time to writing. I could drive a car, but such a ride is very monotonous, every day the same boring road and I would be only 10 minutes faster. It would be 300 wasted minutes weekly and I’m glad I’m not wasting them.

Our primary intention to create this blog was to popularize 18xx games in Poland. In order to encourage Polish players to these games. After a few months, we were very surprised that we have so many readers from around the world. Most from the United States and over all Europe, but also from such distant and exotic places as Australia, Japan or New Zealand. It was amazing. So we started writing in Polish and English, first Elemele. I had big concerns with that. I’m still learning English and reading instructions is not the same as writing in a foreign language.
Since we still have many Polish readers, I decided to translate texts from Polish to English. Then they pass my control, especially the 18xx terms and the grammar control. These are the necessary points after which the text takes its final shape. Probably sometimes with mistakes. I hope they are not the biggest ones, if so then we really need someone to check the text and correct our mistakes.

What are we going to write about in the near future …
Above all, about new games.
The list of games in our waiting room is growing very fast. Now we are playing one new title monthly and there are no signs that we should slow down in the near future. There are several longers and very long titles waiting in our queue, some of them are very demanding. For me, they are 1817 and 18Ruhr. Elemele has got 18OE and a fast 18Scan. Galatolol will show us 18xx from Splotter, it will be UR 1830 BC.
We will also have a new game from Marflow Games: 18BL. This title will bring us a friend who was in Essen. Thanks to his help, my collection will also include 1835 and 1856.
Does anyone count this?
I just mentioned 8 titles! We will play them until June 2019. In each of them, I want to play so much and discover them. Most probably in 1817, but it will have to wait for a while because I’m afraid of it a bit. I have so big expectations for it that I have to be well prepared for the first game, not to spoil it, especially with some misunderstood rule. In addition, we recently got to know two longer titles: 18CLE and 18Ireland. Each of them we played only once, so we will come back to them through subsequent meetings.
Firstly we want to show you something fast and very new from this whole collection so we will play 18Scan (as a fast title) and 18BL (as a new one). 18BL is an absolute novelty and we want to quickly describe our first impressions of this game.

The next year will be dominated by titles that we will receive from Golden Spike Games. There will be up to 5 games! Some of them were ready for shipment a month ago, but due to the cosmic prices of the shipment from the USA to Poland, we decided to add two more games to our order. This way the average shipping cost will be lower. GSG currently has a small embarrassment in order fulfillment and waiting time is 6 months. If it goes well, we will receive our large package around May 2019. There will be 18GB – a new title, and few good oldies: 18FL, 1841, 1832 and 18PA.
It looks that it will be so good year 馃檪

Now a few words about our store.
We are very pleased that we met with such a warm welcome from you. Our statistics of a web view have gone crazy for a while and we’ve broken the record of pages per day views. We are happy that you support us. Thanks to you, we will be able to continue to develop and do the things that fascinate us most.
First of all, we want to expand the assortment of the store, but we are wondering which way to go. On the one hand, we would like to offer you elements that you could print on request: boards, boxes and stickers. But it is a big challenge and we do not want at some point it turns out that you have to wait several months to complete the order. Because your orders have exceeded our capabilities.

So most likely it will be other wooden elements that may be useful for board games. Maybe additional colors? Despite the fact that production takes place in Poland, we wait about two months for the implementation of the order. Mainly because we order small quantities, like several thousand pieces and that quantity must be combined with other orders. So the first changes in our store will appear not so fast.
And t-shirts, we have plans to add them to our store. But we do not want it to be a simple design with our logo, but to make it something a bit more. Ideas are, time is missing.
And something else, which we will write about in a few weeks, will we see if you like this idea?

And the last thing which I learned during preparing your orders. Smaller orders are sent by priority registered mail. Such shipments are registered in all countries with one small exception. The USPS post ceased to register them several years ago, due to the savings its implemented. Yes, it’s a pity and we do not know what we can do with it now? There is an option for the more expensive shipment, which is still registered, but for small orders it is quite unprofitable. So I hope that your parcels will arrive so quickly that you will not have to follow them.

Now really the last thing ;), thanks to my friend Maciek I can show you 2 photos from Spiel in Essen.


Translated by Google

Co u nas s艂ycha膰?
Tym razem postanowi艂em napisa膰 kilka s艂贸w o nas samych, o tym, co w przysz艂o艣ci b臋dzie dzia艂o si臋 na blogu oraz o naszej przysz艂o艣ci (tutaj mo偶e by膰 troch臋 tajemniczo).
Jak pewnie zauwa偶yli艣cie, na naszym blogu zrobi艂o si臋 ostatnio troch臋 ciszej. Niekt贸rzy z nas maj膮 mniej czasu, Micha艂 jest od jakiego艣 czasu bardzo zaj臋ty swoj膮 prac膮, ale do艂膮czy艂 do nas Galatolol, kt贸ry studiuje we Francji, mo偶na by wi臋c powiedzie膰, 偶e jest to nasz pierwszy zagraniczny redaktor. To taki ma艂y sukces. Bardzo chcemy was zach臋ci膰 do pisania, dlatego dodali艣my mo偶liwo艣膰 otrzymania rabatu w naszym sklepie, w zamian za artyku艂 do publikacji. Pami臋tajcie, 偶e mo偶ecie pisa膰 o bardzo wielu aspektach, mo偶e to by膰 relacja z konwentu, na kt贸rym by艂y osiemnastki, mo偶e to by膰 opis waszego ulubionego tytu艂u i dlaczego w艂a艣nie to ten tytu艂, mo偶e to by膰 kr贸tszy opis waszej listy top 5 osiemnastek lub historia o tym, jak poznali艣cie 18xx. Mo偶liwo艣ci jest bardzo du偶o. My艣l臋, 偶e najwi臋ksz膮 przeszkod膮 w pisaniu jest chyba czas. Napisanie jednego tekstu, jego t艂umaczenie i korekta, itd zajmuje mi oko艂o 3-4 godzin. Gdy zaczyna艂em cokolwiek pisa膰 o plansz贸wkach, to by艂y to kr贸tkie relacje z naszych spotka艅. Po to, aby zach臋ci膰 innych do kontaktu z nami i zagrania w tytu艂y, kt贸re lubimy. Mog艂em je napisa膰 na drugi dzie艅, taka kr贸tka relacja zajmowa艂a mi oko艂o godziny. Nie mia艂em wtedy poj臋cia, 偶e kiedy艣 b臋d臋 prowadzi艂 mi臋dzynarodowego bloga o 18xx. Trzy lata temu nawet nie wiedzia艂em czym s膮 18xx, a teraz pisz臋 o nich z perspektywy jeszcze nie do艣wiadczonego, ale przynajmniej ju偶 niepocz膮tkuj膮cego gracza.
Mam takie szcz臋艣cie, 偶e do pracy codziennie podr贸偶uj臋 poci膮giem. 80 minut dziennie w obie strony. Daje to 400 minut tygodniowo. Ca艂y ten czas po艣wi臋cam na pisanie. M贸g艂bym je藕dzi膰 samochodem, ale taka jazda jest bardzo monotonna, codziennie ta sama nudna droga i by艂bym tylko 10 minut szybciej. By艂oby to 300 zmarnowanych minut. Szkoda tego czasu i ciesz臋 si臋, 偶e si臋 on nie marnuje.

Nasz膮 pierwotn膮 intencj膮 powstania tego bloga, by艂o popularyzowanie tematyki 18xx w Polsce. Po to, aby zach臋ci膰 polskich graczy do tych gier. Po kilku miesi膮cach byli艣my bardzo zaskoczeni tym, 偶e mamy tylu czytelnik贸w z ca艂ego 艣wiata. Najwi臋cej ze Stan贸w Zjednoczonych i ca艂ej Europy, ale tak偶e z tak odleg艂ych i egzotycznych miejsc jak Australia, Japonia czy Nowa Zelandia. To by艂o niesamowite. Wi臋c zacz臋li艣my pisa膰 po polsku i angielsku, najpierw Elemele. Ja mia艂em z tym du偶e obawy. Angielskiego ca艂y czas si臋 ucz臋 i czytanie instrukcji to nie to samo co pisanie w obcym j臋zyku.
Poniewa偶 dalej mamy wielu polskich czytelnik贸w, to zdecydowa艂em si臋 na t艂umaczenie tekst贸w z polskiego na angielski. Potem przechodz膮 one moj膮 kontrol臋, szczeg贸lnie termin贸w osiemnastkowych i kontrol臋 gramatyki. To takie niezb臋dne punkty, w kt贸rych czasie, tekst nabiera ostatecznego kszta艂tu. Pewnie z b艂臋dami, ale mam nadziej臋, 偶e przymykacie na nie oko.

O czym b臋dziemy pisa膰 w najbli偶szym czasie…
Przede wszystkim o kolejnych grach.
Lista gier w naszej poczekalni bardzo szybko ro艣nie. Teraz gramy jeden nowy tytu艂 miesi臋cznie i nic nie zapowiada, aby艣my w najbli偶szym czasie mieli zwolni膰 tempo. W kolejce czeka kilka d艂u偶szych i bardzo d艂ugich tytu艂贸w, niekt贸re z nich s膮 bardzo wymagaj膮ce. U mnie s膮 to 1817 oraz 18Ruhr. U Elemele czeka 18OE oraz szybka osiemnastka 18Scan. Galatolol w najbli偶szym czasie poka偶e nam UR: 1830 BC.
B臋dziemy mie膰 te偶 nowo艣膰 od Marflow Games czyli 18BL. Ten tytu艂 przywiezie nam kolega, kt贸ry by艂 w Essen. Dzi臋ki jego pomocy w mojej kolekcji znajd膮 si臋 tak偶e 1835 i 1856.
Kto艣 to liczy?
W艂a艣nie wymieni艂em 8 tytu艂贸w! Jeden miesi臋cznie daje nam zape艂nion膮 list臋 nowo艣ci (haha czasami staroci, bo 35 i 56 to jedne z najstarszych osiemnastek) do czerwca 2019. Wow, wow i jeszcze raz wow. W ka偶dy z nich bardzo bardzo chc臋 zagra膰 i odkry膰 co w sobie kryje. Najbardziej chyba w 1817, ale on b臋dzie musia艂 jeszcze chwil臋 poczeka膰, bo troch臋 si臋 go boj臋. Mam wobec niego tak du偶e oczekiwania, 偶e musz臋 dobrze przygotowa膰 si臋 do pierwszej gry, aby jej nie zepsu膰, szczeg贸lnie jak膮艣 藕le zinterpretowan膮 regu艂膮. Poza tym ostatnio poznali艣my dwa d艂u偶sze tytu艂y: 18CLE i 18Ireland. Ka偶dy z nich zagrali艣my tylko raz, wi臋c przez kolejne spotkania b臋dziemy do nich wraca膰. W pierwszej kolejno艣ci z tej ca艂ej kolekcji nowo艣ci chcemy wam pokaza膰 co艣 szybkiego i bardzo nowego, b臋d膮 to czyli 18Scan (jako szybki tytu艂) i 18BL (jako nowy). 18BL to absolutna nowo艣膰 i chcemy szybko wam opisa膰 nasze pierwsze wra偶enia z tej gry.
Przysz艂y rok b臋dzie z kolei zdominowany tytu艂ami, kt贸re otrzymamy od Golden Spike Games. B臋dzie to a偶 5 gier! Cz臋艣膰 z nich by艂a gotowa do wysy艂ki ju偶 miesi膮c temu, ale z uwagi na kosmiczne ceny przesy艂ki z USA, zdecydowali艣my si臋 na dodanie do naszego zam贸wienia jeszcze dw贸ch gier. Po to, aby 艣redni koszt przesy艂ki by艂, chocia偶 troszk臋 ni偶szy. GSG ma obecnie ma艂y zator w realizacji zam贸wie艅 i czas oczekiwania wynosi 6 miesi臋cy. Je艣li dobrze p贸jdzie to nasz膮 wielk膮 paczk臋 otrzymamy w okolicach maja 2019. Jest w niej tegoroczna nowo艣膰: 18GB, a poza tym kilka dobrych staroci: 18FL, 1841, 1832 i 18PA.
Ja ju偶 przebieram nogami na my艣l o tylu nowych tytu艂ach.

Teraz kilka s艂贸w o naszym sklepie.
Bardzo nam mi艂o, 偶e spotka艂 si臋 on z tak gor膮cym przyj臋ciem z waszej strony. Statystyki ogl膮dalno艣ci na chwil臋 oszala艂y i pobili艣my rekord wy艣wietle艅. Cieszymy si臋, 偶e nas wspieracie. Dzi臋ki wam b臋dziemy mogli dalej si臋 rozwija膰 i robi膰 rzeczy, kt贸re nas najbardziej pasjonuj膮.
W pierwszej kolejno艣ci chcemy poszerza膰 asortyment sklepu, ale zastanawiamy si臋 jeszcze, w kt贸r膮 stron臋 p贸j艣膰. Z jednej strony chcieliby艣my zaproponowa膰 wam elementy, kt贸re mogliby艣cie drukowa膰 u nas na 偶yczenie: plansze, pude艂ka i naklejki. Jest to du偶e wyzwanie i nie chcemy, aby w pewnym momencie okaza艂o si臋, 偶e na realizacj臋 zam贸wienia musicie czeka膰 kilka miesi臋cy. Bo wasze zam贸wienia przeros艂y nasze mo偶liwo艣ci. Wi臋c najprawdopodobniej najpierw b臋d膮 to inne drewniane elementy, kt贸re mog膮 przyda膰 si臋 wam przy grach planszowych. By膰 mo偶e dodatkowe kolory? Po to, aby艣cie mogli jak najlepiej dobra膰 drewienka do tytu艂u, kt贸ry macie lub chcecie mie膰 na p贸艂ce. Pomimo tego, 偶e produkcja odbywa si臋 w Polsce, to na realizacj臋 zam贸wienia czekamy oko艂o 2 miesi臋cy. G艂贸wnie dlatego, 偶e zamawiamy ma艂e ilo艣ci, po kilka tysi臋cy sztuk i musz膮 by膰 one 艂膮czone z innymi zam贸wieniami. Pierwsze zmiany w naszym sklepie pojawi膮 si臋 wi臋c dopiero w przysz艂ym roku.
No i koszulki, ca艂y czas my艣limy nad jakim艣 pomys艂em i jego realizacj膮. Nie chcemy, aby by艂 to prosty wz贸r z naszym logo, ale aby by艂o to co艣 odrobin臋 wi臋cej. Pomys艂y s膮, czasu brak.
I co艣 jeszcze, o czym napiszemy w ci膮gu kilku tygodni, zobaczymy czy ten pomys艂 wam si臋 spodoba?

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  1. When did you receive your 1817? I ordered it a _long_ time ago. I think it goes now into years rather than months, but no contact since. I emailed to DTG recently about it but no reply… 馃檨

    And 18Ruhr is on my to-play list as well. I’m very curious how it will compare to 18Harz.

    1. Adam, to buy 18xx games in these days you need to order them from All-Aboard Games or Golden Spike Games… They both have many titles published by DTG.

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