18CLE – after first play

First a few words about the performance of the game itself. It is known that 18xx games are inherently ugly when we play them on large conventions, it happens that people ask if they are prototypes. Among the hundreds of these games, only a few stand out from the others, such as the recently released 1846, 1844/54, 18CZ. These titles have refined graphics and nicely finished details. The other games that are issued by All-Aboard Games, Marflow or DTG, have their own character, are legible and refined in technical terms, meaning they do not lack anything from the point of view of a player familiar with the 18xx world, but do not have the finishing touch of games with large print.

I am somewhere in the middle, I got used to the high quality of what is in the game box, but if the individual elements are consistent, clear and do not interfere with the game, then that game is acceptable to me. I consider some low-volume titles simply beautiful: 1880, 1822, 1848.
If they miss something then I am correcting these elements. So to 1830, I added two-sided wooden markers, to 1868 I made markers, certificates, company boards, and trains. and to 18CLE …, well, here the biggest drawback was the shiny, slippery and ugly board, changing the board meant that I had to change the certificates, tokens, and boards of companies. Trains were also suitable for exchange, the original box did not fit into Dean’s luggage so it remained in America, and since I have replaced so many elements, I have also made new tracks.

In this way, I have the original version from the author and it is prettier one, which we played last Saturday.

18CLE in terms of mechanics is similar to the classic 1830, but has some very interesting solutions:

  • poor brown phase in which revenues fall to the level of those from the yellow phase, this is to reflect the depression, the mechanics very cleverly forcing players, the change from profitable green stations to poor brown ones. When the gray phase begins, all brown tiles are automatically upgraded to gray. Then the brown ones are out of the game and there is only a feeble modernization of green to gray, it costs $ 100 per city and $ 50 per stop. Very nice and interesting solution.
  • long train rush, in the game there are trains 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 6D, but 5 and 6 are not permanent and fall out of the game at the time of train 10 and train 6D.
  • the most changes concern the public RTA company, which automatically takes over those companies that have already operated and which, when the trains get old, do not have any trains. This is an automatic process, the owners of such shares get compensation in the form of 5% of RTA certificates in a proportion depending on the number of companies that were or are currently absorbed. RTA as a public company has large bonuses. It builds up to three tracks per round, in each series of operational rounds it places 1 station, and it has a train limit equal to 1 + the number of companies it absorbed. As long as it is not on the train limit, it receives the cheapest available train free of charge. In our game, it accelerated the gameplay and train rush.

These are key changes. Very interesting and promised an interesting game.

How did it look like?
We played three of us, me, Micha艂 from Olkusz and Tolis. If I were to compare our features to the heroes of role-playing games, then I would be a merchant who uses the opportunities that arise, Micha艂 from Olkusz would get the figure of a killer who lurks somewhere in a dark alley. Tolis would become a princess (sorry Tolis, I do not know who you could be, and the princess must be so 馃槈
Elemele (he did not play with us), but he fits the role of a builder or architect perfectly. Unfortunately, in the dark alley, I found myself and I fell into the trap set by Micha艂.

In the third SR, Micha艂 sold the majority of shares in a promising company in order to launch another company. It had 4x trains 2 and still a lot of capital, plus good routes, so I got a taste for this bit and took over his company. Shortly afterward, Michael’s plan was revealed, he bought all of trains 3 and the first train 4. As a result, both of my companies were left without trains and were taken over by a state-owned company. My compensation was 20% of shares in RTA. From that moment on for the next 2/5 of the game, I played as an investor with no companies that I could manage.

By the end of our game, RTA has been taken over by two other companies and has grown to an unbelievable size. Is it enough to tell you that the limit of RTA trains was 5! When for other companies it was equal to 2. RTA trains get free, one per OR until it reaches the limit. This mechanism is very cool and drives the game. The only drawback is to count RTA income when it operates 4-5 long, decent trains. Finding optimal routes for them and counting all this mess made a lot of downtime in the game.
At the end of the game, RTA generated cosmic 2000 income, but despite the fact that I had 30% of shares, I ended up far from the top. It seems to me that RTA is rather a punishment for inattentive players or a way to get rid of a bankruptcy company.
This is not a way to win unless, at the first rusting of trains, only one company will be absorbed, because then the share exchange parity on RTA is better and who knows what will happen?

It’s hard for me to say something more after one game. Certainly, this is not a title for less experienced players. The mechanics of merging companies with RTA are very nice. The only downside is counting the route of this company. Micha艂 at some point in the game proposed that instead of the RTA route, count only its stations, x2 of course. We have checked several times and the income actually turned out to be similar. From the author, I got the suggestion that he is testing a version in which instead of train 10, there is a 4D train. In this option, the game definitely becomes more enjoyable. We promise that we will check this variant and let you know what we think about it.

Game time: 6 hours 20 minutes
Results: Micha艂 z Olkusza 11214 / Tolis 10268 / Marcin 7837

The next title of the day was 1880 but we already wrote about it. Let me just say that for the first time we have launched all the companies that are in this game. And I can confirm that this title works best for a larger number of players, apparently the more the better.

Game time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Results: Marcin 12700 / Tomek 10400 / Maciek 8343

Translated by Google

Najpierw kilka s艂贸w o wykonaniu samej gry. Wiadomo, 偶e osiemnastki s膮 z natury brzydkie, gdy gramy w nie na du偶ych konwentach to zdarza si臋, 偶e ludzie pytaj膮, czy to prototypy. W艣r贸d setek tych gier, tylko kilka wyr贸偶nia si臋 na tle pozosta艂ych, np. niedawno wydane 1846, 1844/54, 18CZ. Tytu艂y te maj膮 dopracowan膮 grafik臋 i 艂adnie wyko艅czone detale. Pozosta艂e gry kt贸re wydaj膮 All-Aboard Games, Marflow czy DTG, maj膮 sw贸j w艂asny charakter, s膮 czytelne i dopracowane pod wzgl臋dem technicznym, czyli nic im nie brakuje z punktu widzenia gracza obeznanego w 艣wiecie 18xx, ale nie maj膮 takiego wyko艅czenia jak gry z du偶ych nak艂ad贸w.
Ja jestem gdzie艣 po艣rodku, przyzwyczai艂em si臋 do wysokiej jako艣ci tego, co znajduje si臋 w pude艂ku z gr膮, ale je艣li poszczeg贸lne elementy s膮 ze sob膮 sp贸jne, czytelne i nie przeszkadzaj膮 w rozgrywce, to taka gra jest dla mnie akceptowalna.
Niekt贸re niskonak艂adowe tytu艂y uwa偶am wprost za pi臋kne: 1880, 1822, 1848. Tym tytu艂om nic lub niewiele brakuje, a czasami, je艣li brakuje to poprawiam te elementy. Do 1830 doda艂em dwustronne znaczniki, do 1868 dorobi艂em znaczniki, certyfikaty, plansze sp贸艂ek i poci膮gi. Do 18CLE dorobi艂em…., no w艂a艣nie, tutaj najwi臋kszym mankamentem by艂a b艂yszcz膮ca, 艣liska i brzydka plansza, zmiana planszy spowodowa艂a, 偶e musia艂em zmieni膰 certyfikaty, tokeny i plansze sp贸艂ek. Poci膮gi te偶 nadawa艂y si臋 do wymiany, oryginalne pude艂ko nie zmie艣ci艂o si臋 do baga偶u Deana wi臋c zosta艂o w Ameryce, a skoro wymieni艂em ju偶 tyle element贸w to tory te偶 zrobi艂em nowe.
W ten spos贸b mam oryginaln膮 wersj臋 od autora oraz swoj膮 艂adniejsz膮, w kt贸r膮 zagrali艣my w ostatni膮 sobot臋.

18CLE pod wzgl臋dem mechaniki jest podobna do klasycznej 1830, ale ma kilka bardzo ciekawych rozwi膮za艅:

  • biedn膮 faz臋 br膮zow膮 w kt贸rej dochody spadaj膮 do poziomu tych z fazy 偶贸艂tej, ma to na celu odzwierciedlenie recesji, jaka by艂a w latach trzydziestych, przy czym mechanika bardzo sprytnie wymusza na graczach, przej艣cie z dochodowych zielonych stacji, na biedne br膮zowe. W momencie, gdy zaczyna si臋 szara faza, to wszystkie br膮zowe kafle s膮 automatycznie modernizowane na szare. Po czym br膮zowe odpadaj膮 z gry i dost臋pna jest tylko odp艂atna modernizacja zielonych na szare, kosztuje to odpowiednio $100 za miasto i $50 za stop. Bardzo fajne i ciekawe rozwi膮zanie.
  • d艂ugi train rush, w grze s膮 poci膮gi 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 6D, ale 5 i 6 nie s膮 permanentne i odpadaj膮 z gry w momencie wej艣cia 10 i 6D.
  • najwi臋cej zmian dotyczy publicznej sp贸艂ki RTA, kt贸ra automatycznie przejmuje te firmy, kt贸re ju偶 operowa艂y i kt贸re w momencie, gdy zestarzej膮 si臋 poci膮gi, nie maj膮 偶adnego poci膮gu. Jest to proces automatyczny, w艂a艣ciciele takich akcji dostaj膮 rekompensat臋 w postaci 5% certyfikat贸w RTA w proporcji zale偶nej od ilo艣ci sp贸艂ek, kt贸re by艂y lub s膮 aktualnie wch艂aniane. RTA jako sp贸艂ka publiczna ma du偶e bonusy. Buduje do 3 tor贸w na rund臋, w ka偶dej serii rund operacyjnych stawia 1 stacj臋, ma limit poci膮g贸w r贸wny 1+ilo艣膰 sp贸艂ek, kt贸re wch艂on臋艂a.
    Je艣li tylko nie jest na limicie poci膮g贸w, to otrzymuje nieodp艂atnie najta艅szy dost臋pny poci膮g. W naszej grze bardzo przy艣pieszy艂o to rozgrywk臋 i train rush.

To s膮 kluczowe zmiany. Bardzo ciekawe i zapowiada艂y interesuj膮c膮 gr臋.

Jak ona wygl膮da艂a?
Grali艣my we tr贸jk臋, ja, Micha艂 z Olkusza i Tolis. Gdybym mia艂 przyr贸wna膰 nasze cechy do bohater贸w z gier fabularnych to ja by艂bym kupcem, kt贸ry wykorzystuje nadarzaj膮ce si臋 okazje, Micha艂 z Olkusza dosta艂by posta膰 zab贸jcy, kt贸ry czai si臋 gdzie艣 w ciemnym zau艂ku. Tolis zosta艂by kr贸lewn膮 (sorry Tolis, nie wiem kim m贸g艂by艣 by膰, a kr贸lewna by膰 musi wi臋c 馃槈
Elemele (on wprawdzie z nami nie gra艂), ale idealnie pasuje do niego rola budowniczego lub architekta. Niestety w ciemnym zau艂ku znalaz艂em si臋 ja i wpad艂em w zastawion膮 przez Micha艂a pu艂apk臋.
W trzeciej SR Micha艂 sprzeda艂 wi臋kszo艣膰 udzia艂贸w w dobrze rokuj膮cej firmie po to, aby uruchomi膰 kolejn膮 sp贸艂k臋. Mia艂a ona 4x poci膮gi 2 i jeszcze mas臋 kapita艂u, do tego dobre trasy wi臋c po艂akomi艂em si臋 na ten k膮sek i przej膮艂em jego firm臋. Kr贸tko p贸藕niej ujawni艂 si臋 plan Micha艂a, skupi艂 on swoimi sp贸艂kami wszystkie poci膮gi 3 i pierwszy poci膮g 4. Przez co obie moje firmy zosta艂y bez poci膮g贸w i przej臋艂a je firma pa艅stwowa. Moj膮 rekompensat膮 by艂o 20% udzia艂贸w w RTA.
Od tego momentu przez kolejne 2/5 gry, gra艂em jako inwestor. Bez firm, kt贸rymi m贸g艂bym zarz膮dza膰.
Do ko艅ca naszej gry, RTA przej臋艂o jeszcze dwie inne sp贸艂ki i uros艂o do niebotycznych rozmiar贸w. Czy wystarczy, 偶e wam powiem, 偶e limit poci膮g贸w RTA wynosi艂 5! Gdy dla innych sp贸艂ek by艂 r贸wny 2. RTA poci膮gi dostaje za darmo, po jednym na OR, dop贸ki nie osi膮gnie limitu. Ten mechanizm jest bardzo fajny i nap臋dza rozgrywk臋. Jedynym mankamentem jest policzenie dochodu RTA w momencie, gdy operuje ona 4-5 d艂ugimi, porz膮dnymi poci膮gami. Znalezienie dla nich optymalnych tras i policzenie tego ca艂ego ba艂aganu powodowa艂o w grze niez艂e przestoje. Na koniec gry RTA generowa艂o kosmiczne 2 tys. dochodu, ale pomimo tego, 偶e mia艂em 30% udzia艂贸w, to i tak sko艅czy艂em daleko od czo艂贸wki. Wydaje mi si臋, 偶e RTA jest raczej kar膮 dla nieuwa偶nych graczy lub sposobem na pozbycie si臋 firmy, kt贸rej pisane jest bankructwo.
Nie jest to spos贸b na wygran膮, chyba 偶e w momencie pierwszego rdzewienia poci膮g贸w, tylko jedna sp贸艂ka b臋dzie wch艂oni臋ta, bo wtedy parytet wymiany akcji na RTA jest lepszy i kto wie co b臋dzie si臋 dzia艂o?

Ci臋偶ko mi powiedzie膰 co艣 wi臋cej po jednej grze. Na pewno nie jest to tytu艂 dla ma艂o do艣wiadczonych graczy. Mechanika po艂膮czenia sp贸艂ek z RTA jest bardzo fajna. Jedynym minusem jest liczenie tras tej firmy. Micha艂 w pewnym momencie gry, zaproponowa艂, aby zamiast trasy RTA, liczy膰 same jej stacje, x2 oczywi艣cie. Sprawdzili艣my do kilkukrotnie i doch贸d faktycznie okaza艂 si臋 podobny. Od autora dosta艂em natomiast sugesti臋, 偶e testuje wersj臋, w kt贸rej zamiast poci膮gu 10, jest poci膮g 4D. W takiej opcji gra na pewno staje si臋 przyjemniejsza. Obiecujemy, 偶e sprawdzimy taki wariant i damy wam zna膰 co o nim my艣limy.

Czas gry: 6 godzin 20 minut
Wyniki: Micha艂 z Olkusza 11214 / Tolis 10268 / Marcin 7837

Kolejnym tytu艂em dnia by艂o 1880 ale o tym tytule ju偶 pisali艣my. Dopowiem tylko, 偶e po raz pierwszy uruchomili艣my wszystkie firmy jakie s膮 w tej grze. I mog臋 potwierdzi膰, 偶e tytu艂 ten najlepiej dzia艂a na wi臋ksz膮 liczb臋 graczy, podobno czym wi臋cej tym lepiej.

Czas gry: 7 godzin 11 minut
Wyniki: Marcin 12700 / Tomek 10400 / Maciek 8343

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